Vechain [VEN]: Digital assets ‘vanish’ from Binance, users panic

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July 25, 2018 by
Vechain [VEN]: Digital assets ‘vanish’ from Binance, users panic

On July 19, cryptocurrency exchange Binance introduced on their site as well as tweeted regarding VEN/VET Mainnet Swap.
Binance informed during that time that the down payments and also withdrawals of VEN will certainly be put on hold beginning with July 22, 0:00 AM (UTC). They composed, “Please make sure that you leave enough time for your VEN down payments to be completely refined before this time around.”

Binance additionally pointed out that the trading will be stopped in all VEN trading pairs on July 23. Trading to open up for the new VET/BTC, VET/ETH, VET/BNB as well as VET/USDT trading sets on July 25 at 4:00 AM (UTC). Deposits and also withdrawals for VET will certainly also open up throughout that time.

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Nonetheless, customers required to Twitter specifying regarding unexpected loss of their electronic symbols from their wallet on July 24. One of the Twitter user, Nostradacoin tweeted, “My $VEN is not in my pocketbook? I wish I obtain my $VET prior to you open trading.”
SimonjonesLDN, another Twitter customer wrote: “Hey. That’s terrific. However just inspected my funds as well as my VEN have entirely vanished as well as I can not see any VETERINARIAN. Is this regular? And when will my VET show up? Many thanks.” One more Twitter individual, Alandegaray, stated: “I had VEN as well as my funds go away. Are they going to be there tomorrow?”

While Twitter individuals were going crazy about what’s taking place as well as why their coins ‘vanished’, it appeared like redditors were cognizant of the factor. They were, actually, quite amazed that individuals aren’t conscious.
Redditor, Lewislewis70 published: “Inform me about it. I’m into VEN yet it genuinely amazes me exactly how individuals put loan into something yet have no concept exactly what’s occurring despite the fact that it’s a Google Look away. Shows how lots of people are investing without actually doing their study.”

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While an additional Redditor mentioned: “Individuals who are holding long term aren’t necessarily mosting likely to take notice of the flooding of details that distributed daily. Not like there will be any type of real distinction in between VeChain on Ethereum vs Thor.”
To describe just what’s taking place, a Twitter customer wrote, “… Binance is active with the 1:100 swap. So tomorrow you do not have VEN anymore, but you will have VETERINARIAN. Instance: if you had 1000 VEN, tomorrow you have 100.000 VET. Download and install there main wallet (@vechainofficial) pinned message.”

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