NANO comes to aid in a humane cause in Venezuela

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July 6, 2018 by
NANO comes to aid in a humane cause in Venezuela

A Venezuelan Reddit user has actually published today that the person has actually received 102 kilograms (224 lb) of food in exchange of the cryptocurrency, NANO. The individual made the exchange to assist neighbors and communities in need. The article mentioned that the person had actually gotten one entire month of income worth 0.5 NANO few days ago and also utilized that to buy a great deal of food that would certainly feed 10 towns.

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” I’m a venezuelan customer who obtained one entire month of my income worth 0.5 NANO some days earlier from a person from here after a post I made in another subreddit. After seeing that, I made a decision to create a thread in this subreddit called Got my very first 0.5 NANO – venezuelan customer to share my experience, then individuals began to send out more NANO to my pocketbook to acquire more food to assist others,” stated the customer in the Reddit blog post.

The 0.5 NANO that the person received included 102 kilograms of food included cornmeal, meat, rice, sugar, beans, sauces and also avocados. The user has posted images of the food items that were purchased with NANO.

Speaking about the experience, the individual claimed, “I feel exceptionally happy because today I had the ability to convince somebody who I trust to approve NANO (he was already approving bitcoin cash money) for food.”

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” I’m still waiting to see if I will certainly have the ability to acquire powdered milk and also cooking oil from this very same guy. This is fantastic because I’m wanting to send proper food to individuals. Today a person involved my residence and asked me for food and also obviously I gave them some kgs. Her face was pure happiness. This would certainly coincide for others 10 families who will receive love as well as food tonight from you individuals.”

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